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Ground Shipping

Road service is a necessary link from producers via carriers to the consumers. Nowadays road transport carries around 80% of freight volume in Europe. British Paragon Courier Express provides reliable trucking globally for all types of goods (spare parts, food, luxury goods, brewery, health & pharma, hazardous goods, etc.).​

For shipments that require a service level higher than available with scheduled air freight service and/or for shipments that are oversize or sensitive in nature chartering meets those additional requirement. With a global network of charterers, we are able to move shipments of all sizes and levels of urgency to the most remote corners of the globe. ​

There are strategic trade lanes and industries that require a more balanced mix in their service options. One example of this is our Sea + Air service, which combines these two modes of transport to provide the most efficient balance between cost and transit time for our clients.

What We Do

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

British Paragon Courier Express has a varied menu of delivery services. From a few ounces up to 12,000 lbs, we can accomodate most delivery needs. The following are some of the items we deliver daily.

  • Office equipment, furniture and supplies  
  • Packages mis-routed by major common carriers  
  • Medical specimens, cultures and equipment  
  • Bids and quotations  
  • Bank deposits for offices and businesses  
  • Mail pick-up and delivery   
  • Legal filings  
  • Blood and blood products  
  • Computers and other delicate electronic equipment and media 
  • Furniture and mattresses  
  • Checks and securities  
  • Industrial parts and equipment  
  • Janitorial supplies and equipment   

Our delivery options include:

  • Store to door  
  • Vendor to your home or business 
  • Business to business  
  • Curbside (first dry spot) 
  • Threshold (first room inside ground floor)  
  • White Glove (room of choice ground floor, assembly, haul away any trash, haul away old units)  
  • Last mile (for those hard to get to delivery points)