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Coastal / Domestic Service

British Paragon Courier Express is a leading Service provider of Domestic and Coastal Container services. With its many years of experience in the Domestic and Coastal services we are providing very competitive rates and prominent services for all the ports.

We recognise the importance of domestic logistics market and the need to provide reliable ongoing alternative solutions for domestic customers. To that end our ongoing mission is to provide our customers with reliable and cost effective customized alternatives for their domestic logistics needs that will bring true value to their supply chain business.

Our coastal shipping services provide ocean transport for cargo on dedicated vessels working between the major coast ports. Our Coastal sea freight service has been in operation since 2001 and continues to be one of the leading shipping services moving significant freight volumes weekly.

Coastal Shipping & Supply Chain Solutions

Our experienced logistics team specialise in formulating tailored supply chain solutions for domestic cargo that include coastal shipping as well as road or rail requirements to meet with the specific needs of our customers domestic logistics and transport needs. The ability to complement domestic coastal shipping with road and rail provides our customers with the most efficient and cost effective supply chain solution.

Rail and Road Transport

Our logistics team can manage and coordinate landside transport solutions for domestic road and rail transport. Our door-to-door solutions also ensure your international freight consignments are properly handled from arrival in Australia to delivery to your door. We offer the flexibility of combining transport solutions to achieve the most reliable and cost effective transport arrangement, which may also include both road transport and rail line haul solutions